Custom Web & Mobile Software Development

What We Do


  • Agriculture & Food Production
  • Audio and Visual
  • Education & Training
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Technology & IT Services
  • Transportation
  • Translation & Language


  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Billing & Payments
  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Content/Component Management Systems (CCMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Data Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Software
  • GEO Tracking
  • Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS)
  • Mobile Apps
  • Video Streaming


  • Mobile Platform
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Flutter (for cross-platform development)
    • React Native (for cross-platform development)
  • Web Platform
    • Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, TypeScript, Angular, React, Vue, etc.
    • Backend: SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, .NET, Python, PHP, Node.js
  • Cloud Platform
    • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
    • Azure
    • Google Cloud Platform


Specializing in advanced software solutions for the legal and professional sectors, our team has developed a comprehensive dashboard application designed for law firms. This application allows for efficient monitoring of case handling processes, featuring a robust business management system with an innovative synchronization engine and flexible API, ensuring seamless future integrations.

Our innovative journey didn't stop there; we ventured into Machine Learning to enhance a leading e-discovery platform. By harnessing powerful Machine Learning algorithms, we've revolutionized data analysis and automation, implementing sophisticated models to automate document categorization, enhance predictive coding, and boost data management efficiency.

Leveraging our Machine Learning success, we're expanding into advanced AI technologies, actively developing AI-driven solutions set to transform complex process automation and decision-making. These forthcoming AI-powered tools are a testament to our commitment to technological leadership and innovation.

We have also modernized legacy systems, overhauling outdated depositions tracking and scheduling tools with modern, secure, and robust web applications. This overhaul has unified sales, production teams, clients, and vendors, enhancing productivity and communication within a cohesive ecosystem.

Additionally, we've created mobile applications with advanced geo-tracking capabilities, providing real-time updates and facilitating essential business activities. These developments have not only spurred business growth but also significantly enhanced client services.

In our development endeavors, we've played a pivotal role as mentors and leaders, significantly enhancing client teams' capabilities. Our guidance led to a strategic realignment, boosting both efficiency and code quality. This mentorship not only reduced production times but also elevated the overall quality, demonstrating our expertise in technical problem-solving and process optimization, and our commitment to developing our client's staff and developers.

Our collaborative efforts with development teams across a vast language services provider have been crucial in expanding and enhancing API integrations, broadening the functionality of satellite applications. These initiatives underline our sustained dedication to driving technological innovation and operational excellence.

About Us

Ideom LLC, established in 2014, has quickly risen to prominence in the web development world, setting the standard for excellence. Our journey has been marked by high-profile collaborations with industry giants such as CBS Sports, Sony, the United Nations, TransPerfect Legal Solutions, to name a few. At Ideom, it’s not just about forming partnerships; it’s about pioneering and innovation. We employ the latest in authentication, data encryption, and management practices, and adhere to strict quality assurance testing throughout our development process.

Under the guidance of Ed Kabatsky, a seasoned expert in web development, our team has consistently led the industry since the 1990s. At Ideom, we don’t just create; we revolutionize, fine-tuning our processes to deliver rapid results without compromising quality. Our global footprint spans across the USA, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, and beyond, forming a powerhouse of tech talent that dominates the industry. Our accolades include international awards like the Cannes Gold Cyber Lion Award and The Webby Awards, supported by top-tier certifications from Oracle, Microsoft, and more.

Our commitment extends to research and development, especially in the realm of AI, where we aim to redefine industry norms and shape the future of web development. Ideom LLC is more than a company; it’s a force of innovation in the tech world, dedicated to achieving excellence and leading the digital revolution.

Our Team

Ed Kabatsky

Founder, CEO
Tech-savvy CEO: Motivates and leads by example, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation

Eduard Lukyanov

Scrum Master
Certified Scrum Master in New York, leading scrum, sprint planning, and retrospectives.

Vladimir Karnaukhov

Lead Software Engineer
Lead software engineer excels in diverse technologies, pioneering innovations across multiple platforms and industries.

Ivan Ovchinnikov

Full Stack Developer
Skilled in end-to-end development, Full Stack Developer seamlessly integrates user interfaces and server-side logic.

Pavel Onishenko

Web Developer
Full Stack Web Developer, skilled in coding and debugging, delivers responsive and interactive websites.

Vitalie Griza

Mobile Developer
Senior Developer expertise in React Native, leading mobile projects with strategic vision and technical skill.

Vitali Vanovich

Full Stack Developer
Senior Full Stack Developer, harnessing diverse tech stack, engineers integrated web systems from ground up

Timofei Orishchenko

Lead Software Engineer
Lead Software Engineer, specializing in full lifecycle development, from conception to deployment and support.

Timur Dunaev

Frontend Web Developer
Frontend Web Developer, expert in UX/UI principles, delivering compelling online experiences

Dmytro Martianov

QA Engineer
Lead QA Engineer, leads in identifying and resolving software bugs for improved functionality

Yurii Tkach

QA Specialist
Automation QA Expert, adept at scripting and tool integration for streamlined testing processes.



Staten Island, New York

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania